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Caring and dedicated people for your child's happiness and development.

The staff at Blue Sky Pre-K Experience are composed of qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators and child development professionals to ensure they are equipped and experienced to teach and hone your child’s full potential.

All of our staff, including assistants and volunteers, are screened through an extensive interview process that includes a criminal reference check, personal reference checks, and an updated medical history record. They continuously go through training, workshops, and seminars to support their professional development and to help develop proper ways to teach and nurture your child as they earn and grow with us. They are also up-to-date with the latest advancements in educational methods and activities that foster child development.

The teachers in all rooms give open affection, praise, and encouragement for your child’s improvement. You can guarantee that teachers your children will be interacting with are kind, caring, and nurturing.

If you have questions about our staff or if you want to meet them, please feel free to contact us.